Thursday, April 26, 2012

First fish in a while

Well, I am a college graduate, or will be soon. This Saturday I will be getting my diploma and license.

But back to the fish. A few days ago I decided instead of doing nothing I'd go fishing at a local tick-infested lake. I only grabbed my UL swimbait rod: a Rainshadow HS 962 wrapped by Adam Cargill that had been cut down a couple inches with a Curado 200E7 with 50# braid. My bait of choice was a weedless Hudd shad. I came up on a small patch of tulles and flipped the bait into a pocket. I spaced out for a second and then noticed my line had come tight. I swung hard to get a good positive hookup, and was rewarded by a fish rolling around in some submerged brush. At first I thought it was a rat, then I thought I hooked a monster, then realized it was nice, but not huge. Either way, I was really happy with it. The fish probably went about 5lbs.

Look for more posts soon, I have about 2 weeks before I join the working force, during which time I plan to fish as much as possible.

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